Bert Chan

Big Data Consultant @ ASL Hong Kong   |   MA CogSci @ Lund U   |   BSc CompSci @ CUHK

Typeface DesignGeometrika Artificial LifeLenia Scientific Infographics
Crafting the first geometric East Asian typeface.
Minimalist design for the future.
Evolving complex mathematical lifeforms.
On the quest for open-ended evolution.
Visualizing complex ideas.
Summarize, communicate, speculate.
Book | Making of Paper | Video | Talk | Demo | Code Award | Human | Genetics | Metabolism

Honorable Mention
Morisawa Type Design
Competition 2014, Japan

Virtual Creatures Contest,
GECCO 2018, Kyoto

Honorable Mention
ALife Art Award,
ALIFE 2018, Tokyo
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Third Prize
Poster in Human Evolution
conference, 2013, London

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