Bert Chan

Research Software Engineer @ Google Brain Tokyo, Japan   |   External Collaborator @ Inria, France

MSc Cognitive Science @ Lund U, Sweden   |   BSc Computer Science @ CUHK, Hong Kong

Artificial LifeLenia

Evolving complex mathematical lifeforms.
On the quest for open-ended evolution.

Lenia portal

Publication of 2019

Virtual Creatures Contest,
GECCO 2018, Kyoto

Honorable Mention
ALife Art Award,
ALIFE 2018, Tokyo
Artificial Intelligence

Human learning machine learning human.

AI/ALife Glossary
HANet with TF2 | Draft

Typeface DesignGeometrika

Crafting the first East Asian geometric typeface.
Minimalist design for the future.

Official Book | Making of

Honorable Mention
Morisawa Type Design
Competition 2014, Japan
Scientific Infographics

Visualizing intricate ideas.
Summarize, communicate, speculate.

Sir David | Human Blueprint
Y-DNA World Map | Metabolism Metro

Third Prize
Poster in Human Evolution
conference, 2013, London

Contributions to